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If you are already submits a sitemap using the google webmaster, make sure you use a sitemap easily indexed by google. Standard sitemap of bloggers is atom.xml and rss.xml, but with the sitemap code, google will only read your post until just 26 posts.

blogger sitemap

So what if you have more than 100 or even up to 500 posts? blogger sitemap generator can be the solution for you, because these tools can create a sitemap code for your blog. If you already know how to submit a sitemap to google webmaster, please click here. Then enter your url address, do not forget to close with a slash (/).

For more details, please see the video my friend below. If you don’t understand about how to submit sitemap in google webmaster, you can visit the site's Amit Agarwal on


December 09, 2009

thank you...

cara bikin image bergerak dengan menyisipkan js. untuk jsnya nanti saya posting

December 09, 2009

yeah.this is that I need. Using google sitemap generator make seo be easier

December 14, 2009

thanks sharingnya sob keep it up

December 16, 2009

nice info dude !
keep posting ..

April 23, 2010

pengen coba ah..
Go Blogger & Go Healthty

August 06, 2010

thank you for the information,
This was helped,
spirit! ! ! ! !

February 19, 2011

Nice stuff. It helps me a lot.

March 07, 2012

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