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logo Confused create a logo for your blog? there is a new service from supalogo. of the many service sites to create the logo, this might be the easiest for you is not too great to make the logo.

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If you want to make a simple logo, such as personal name or company name, I recommend to use the services of supalogo.

How to make it very easy, you just need to write the name of the logo will be displayed, then select the parameters such as font type, font size, the gradient for the font, then click “Generate” to see the logo. You can save it as an image or embed code to be stored directly in your post.

Welcome to logo!


December 21, 2009

wah asik juga ada logo instant.. gak perlu capek dan pusing bikinnya :)

Thanks infonya :D

December 22, 2009

wah...terima kasih infonya ya...boleh di coba tuh heheh,,,

December 22, 2009

Tambah lagi pengetahuan bikin banner dari sobat, langsung ke tkp ya sob!!!

December 23, 2009

wah.. aku belum punya logo.. belajar buat ah...

Nice info for sharing...
Thankz + Visit me again.

January 05, 2010

Practical and easy to make but the results are so interesting.

wah...cara mudah bikin logo, gak pusing..thanks bro

June 15, 2012

On you can make more logos. has a free PC image editor similar to PhotoShop.

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