Icon RSS Feed Like Jeans and Levi’s

Newspaper_Feed_128x128_thumb[1] Having a beautiful icon of course very nice, especially these icons can be displayed on a personal blog. There are many sites that provide the option icon, like RSS Feeds, logos, etc.. But rarely displaying icon with unique image, such as jeans RSS Feed icon that you can dowload the link below.

If you are bored with the icon rss feeds of your blog, I recommend you to try this one. Nikko, a blogger from argentina (owner of the blog Xyberneticos) who has the bright idea to create RSS Feed blue jeans and Levi's.

blue jeans Download Icon Feed Blue Jeans


levi'sDownload Icon Feed Levi's


December 18, 2009

kEREN...tapi apa gak berat loading blog kita...


December 19, 2009

cuma mo bilang, aq klik satu juga ya. hhhhhh :D

December 20, 2009

keren2 tuh ...
hehehe ...
nice info sob ...

wah ...
bisa juga yah ...
hehehe ...
keren tuh ...

December 20, 2009

semoga hari anda menyenangkan,sukses selalu

December 21, 2009

Mampir di sini lagi

December 24, 2009

mampir bos makasih infonya, keep up the good work

November 04, 2014

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