Manage Photo Album Via Fotobounce

fotobounce Fotobounce service is very good, we can manage all of facebook and flickr photos. Is a desktop client and can be downloaded for free. Features of the offer very much, so that makes you able to do anything for your photo album, which certainly gives us the ease fotobounce especially in the process of uploading and downloading album.

You can backup an existing photo album on facebook, and the most fun, you can download pictures of your friends on facebook. And while offline (not connected to the Internet), you can re-open the photo album that you have downloaded.


In Fotobounce, you are able to tag your friends on facebook, and when the upload back to facebook, this tag is retained or remains the same as what we do in fotobounce. So, to tag your friends, can also fotobounce.


December 24, 2009

Infonya aku tertatih-tatih bacanya biar ngerti...hehehehehe

Sob...maksudnya iklan yang ada di atas koment ini ya...

Dah di klik,tp koq jdnya login FB

December 24, 2009

Sudah di loadingnya lama banget..truz mo ulang klik dah gak bisa lagi

December 28, 2009

mampir untuk membawa berkah he,...he..

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