Multiple Search Engine

nowgoogle The search engine is a computer program designed to help someone find the files that are stored in the computer, for example, in a public server on the web (WWW) or the computer itself.

The search engine also refers to the keywords written in the search engine field, and the machine directly to the article on purpose. Surely lead to the keywords in blog posts.

In the context of the Internet, search engine usually refers to the WWW, and not the protocol or other areas. In addition, search engine data available in newsgroups, large databases, or open directories like Because data collection is done automatically, unlike search engine web directory of human work. 


Most search engines run by private companies using proprietary algorithms and closed databases - the most popular is Google (MSN Search and Yahoo! Left little behind). There have been several attempts to create search engines with open-source (open source), for example is Htdig, Nutch, Egothor and OpenFTS. (wikipedia)

Multiple search engine that is a combination of several Search Engine in one page web site. So you do not need to open a new window to perform searches with the other Search Engines. Multiple Search Engine. By using a search engine you can find in some Search Engines at one time. Not only that, you can also choose the search results such as about: download, music, job alone. Well! He's Multiple Search Engine.


December 08, 2009

nice info sob, please add my link and tell me after that, I'll put the link too,thanks

July 21, 2011

Nowgoogle is a good tool for searching the web, but sometimes, the keyword who suppose to be in memory (when you swap from 1 search engine to another one) is missing and a blank page is shown sometimes.
Frankly I prefere using for searching the web, never crash or bug, and i think it is one of the best internet search tool up to now.

April 07, 2015

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