Firefox 3.6 RC : Makes Browsing So Exciting

Firefox 3.6 Good news from firefox, because they just released Firefox version 3.6 RC  that complements the previous version (beta version). They call it by name Namoroka, which was released on January 11, 2010. You can try, by downloading directly to the firefox site and enjoy the new features of Firefox version 3.6 RC.

Firefox 3.6 RC has been equipped with new capabilities :

- As JavaScript engines are faster

- Personas to set the theme of the display

- Web feature location

- Open video, audio, and fonts.

- Firefox also has improved more than 70 bugs.

Because of that, they ensure the reliability of the Firefox 3.6 RC . They said through the press : “75% Firefox extension program was able to run on version 3.6”.

mozilla firefox 3.6 RC

Version 3.6 as a release candidate, then it is stable and safe to use to surf every day. Please download the official site of firefox below. Install on your firefox browser and see the difference !

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January 17, 2010

Pertamax... Nice info. Ke TKP dulu gan. Thanks.

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