Infolinks : How to Get Easy Money

InfolinksThere were questions from friends in shoutmix, which asked the green link on my blog. For that I will explain about these links, for the newbie green links are normal links that if the clicks will go to another web page. Actually the links are from broker sites ppc or pay per click, which made for bloggers who have a blog / website.

There are many ppc programs on the internet, but are seldom offered as what is given by Here you can get more than other ppc sites, and CPM on the far left infolinks competitors, such as Kontera and Chitika.

Very easy and profitable, you only need to register your blog with the number of visitors to a minimum average of 100 per day. Because of my experience, sign up with a blog with number of visitors that only 30 per day, was rejected by infolinks.

Please go site and click Join to sign up. Fill you with complete data, ranging from website url, website language, email and password.


Click the radio buttons available below, then click Continue. And than Copy the script code supplied by infolinks into your HTML template, paste before the tag </ body>.


Wait for an answer from the infolinks, accepted or not your blog, depending on the infolinks. While awaiting an answer from infolinks, a good idea to increase the number of visitors to your blog and many pray that your blog is approved.

Good luck !


March 06, 2010

dear bro, i very much like your this template. please give me this. please.

March 07, 2010

sorry, I can not publish this template

October 19, 2010


November 05, 2010


November 05, 2010

I use infolinks ads in my blog its batter

April 04, 2012

I'm grateful for your careful instructions. I'm a total noob in aspects like this, thus i improve my knowledge in this issue.

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