Use Google Safe Browsing to check Malware

Do you have a website? and want to do a quick check of malware on your web or other web, you can use the Google Safe Browsing. You only need to visit the url below and replace on the last part with your website url :

Google Safe Browsing will let you know if Google has detected malware on your site, how many pages are tested for 90 days, and how much your website in a network (server) hosting.


Note that the Google Safe Browsing can be used with Chrome and Firefox browsers, so please try this facility. Does your website host malware? hopefully not.


May 01, 2011

This is a great idea. I’d expect my antivirus software would tell me if I was visiting one of my sites and something was wrong, but probably only if I was on the affected page.

Just checking my sites out now.

December 17, 2014

Thanks for giving such a nice information to keep away from the virus and malware. That's useful for people who have website..!!

April 07, 2015

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